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Viridapice by petrova Viridapice :iconpetrova:petrova 37 5
Your blade traces along my skin,
metal parting flesh,
and starting a crimson tide.
Everything that I am
is contained within this red,
restrained within these veins.
My pale exterior is tainted,
my inner self revealed
by no longer concealed vibrancy.
You crave the beauty in this morbidity,
violently forged
and so silently kept.
You devour my crimson
and as you appreciate every drop,
I smile and my heart stops.
:iconblindcrush:blindcrush 2 2
THE FOG IS LIFTING_2 by marijamiau THE FOG IS LIFTING_2 :iconmarijamiau:marijamiau 7 6 Amsterdam by KayTeBee Amsterdam :iconkaytebee:KayTeBee 5 2
Confessions of a depressed
My hands are tied
behind my back
scars are curling
up my arms
Red and angry
each a reminder of
hate and sorrow
and times gone by
Seven new scars
spilling blood out
weakness and failure
in my face
Another day, another scar
another wound that’ll never heal
another pain, another disappointment
everything falls apart
Count to 19, the number’s up
every day it doubles
screams of a child
smothered by the tears
Choke on the false laughter
and try to hide the darkness
that I know is in my eyes
because I have failed again
Nothing helps, nothing works
maybe I don’t want it
who would try to save
someone already drowned?
Down to nothing,
nothing left
but a mask to hide the tears
and another smile to fake
:iconnickienikita:NickieNikita 1 2
We'll shine forever
We'll shine forever, my love
the strength of fire and ice
in the night's deep darkness
where everything's lost,
and everything can be found...
:iconsilviamarti:SilviaMarti 1 3
Fire and Ice by AlpoArts Fire and Ice :iconalpoarts:AlpoArts 8 2
Conditions Poetique
One sits in silent solemnity
In a room scarcely bigger than 4x4
Pen in hand [or hand on keypad]
Essaying to write lines to "le chagrin d'amour"
Slouching over the notebook [either a paper or a PC]
Trying hard to eke out a sonnet or an ode
When the illumination of reality shines out
It gets eclipsed by physical woes
At my feeble age [I am now 55]
I cannot be a Byron or a Keats
I suffer from persistent back ache
I have pain in the soles of my feet
But I have no lover to desert me
I can hardly handle a woman's emotions
And my pain and my struggles hold to me
With a lover's devotion
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 2 2
To Fight the Dark
From the light in my room,
I see the night outside
As it eats and consumes
On its treacherous ride
Everyone screams and cries
Giving into the night
None ever even try
To be brave for the light
There are those who stand,
I myself am included,
That won’t give into the hand
That won’t ever be deluded
Alone, we fight for days and weeks
Searching for a soul to share the pain
Once found, we can end the days so bleak
Once found, everyone will know our names
:icontruefyr:TrueFyr 16 25
Say Your Goodbyes
Say Your Goodbyes
I always say “I Love You”
I always say “Goodbye”
I always say “I’m happy”
Even when I cry.
I pretend that I don’t notice.
I pretend that I don’t care.
Because I never know
When they’ll stop being there.
:iconcrimsonnightwind:CrimsonNightWind 3 6
Mature content
Lover :iconblyddyn:Blyddyn 14 19
The Resplendence of Passion
You make me tremble
With your insight
Your words resonate
With every fibre
You impair me
With truth unshielded
You know how
With one breath
You rain fire
With a touch
You annihilate timidity
With your mouth
You unleash womanhood
With sweet oblivion
You crown me
With heaven burning
You kill me
:iconmercurius11:mercurius11 1 9
To Write
Grey sky
Another Sunday
Silence pervades
Alone here
I sit
Writing balladry
Faraway thoughts
Occupied, enthralled
Dark places
Thrill me
Obscured mysteries
Bewitch me
Inspired musing
Frantically scrawling
These feelings
Engulfing all
My star
Ablaze now
Purposefully recording
Celebrating truths.
:iconmercurius11:mercurius11 1 1
Apparently I'm a Manipulator
She's somewhat like a dream, or a project
I can't tell why, but I want her, to better her
How is me of all people falling into emotions
I'm a creature, one of logic, and reason.
So none of this is clear, what's the point?
I keep asking myself, but no answer comes
Vague feelings, ones new to me.
It's not love, I know this. My heart is elsewhere.
Perhaps it's a feeling of sorrow?
She's so innocent, I want to carry her away
To move her somewhere she belongs
I've never felt such kindness, from anyone.
She opens doors not known to me
Gentle yet firm,  here but elusive, forbidden
Above all else.
Yes, I think I want her, as my toy.
She need not worry, I'm very delicate
I know how fragile playing with her
Playing with people, can be
I want to move her forward in life
A better slope, a better view
One where she can see all of her past
and know just how far she's gone
She'll remove the black smears, and tears
From her sad eyes.
:iconphirebanshee:PhireBanshee 3 3
Hook, line and sinker
My longing for you is insatiable,
every time I hear something from you
I just want you more,
eat and drink your love,
bathe in it,
roll around with it
and foremost lie within it.
I fell in love
and swallowed the bait
and you've got me h
:iconpetrova:petrova 9 12
I Pray For Rain
To me, no lover,
Has ever matched the sweet kiss of the pouring rain
The way it seeps into my pores,
washing away the stink of the world,
the stains of my many murderous lovers
leaving me pure and tranquil as the sea at dawn
When it rains, I can feel it,
feel the earth between my toes
drinking deep from the lips of the sky,
desperate for long lost touch of the ocean,
The arid, apathetic soil comes to life
its hard exterior,
grown to protect hidden treasures
The once calloused soil takes me in,
the loving heart of the earth revitalized
by the touch of the lover
that once encompassed her in her entirety.
Gaia, now revitalized,
Embraces my feet, slowly enveloping them
as she welcomes the child born from her breadth,
I can feel her pulling me down, longing,
longing to take me back to the core of flame she forged me in,
longing to surround me with the stone and soil
from which she crafted me,
so that she may remind me who it was
that put the molten flow in my veins,
who gave me thi
:icona-la-douce-memoire:a-la-douce-memoire 6 7


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